WebCam Portal Software

The 'WebCam Portal' software works with or without the web site. The software allows you to add cameras that can display real time photos from the cameras you add.


  • You can easily search for and select from any of the cameras you find online.
  • Select cameras from you 'My WebCam List' if you have created a collection of cameras you like.
  • Other Cameras

  • Feel free to add your own cameras from the supported list of manufacturers.
  • Userid & Passwords are allowed

  • The application allows you to select the cameras you want to display. You can search for cameras by several methods including by ID & location. When the list is provided, you can click on any camera entry and see the sample (static) image from that camera. Once the cameras have been added to your saved list, you can display them in a window that will continually refresh the images with live snapshots.

    Search, Display Images, & Add Window

    Display Live Images

    Current Version: v1.11.0.0

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